"These People Are Making $60,000 to $80,000,000 Each Year With Their Internet Businesses!"

"No GURU's Either, Just Successful Internet Entrepreneurs Who Prefer To Stay "Underground" and "Under The Radar!"

i, my name is John Evans. I'm a pretty ordinary kind of guy and like many, I absolutely love the internet and the amazing business possibilities it offers. The number of income opportunities offered by the web is TRULY STAGGERING!

However, there is a HUGE PROBLEM you'll face if you want to get serious and start your own internet business? It's an obvious one if you ever check your email Inbox or visit the numerous marketing forums.

Where do you go to find help and learn about what it takes?

It's really tough to know who to believe and trust when it comes to taking advice on building a successful internet business. There are such a HUGE selection of unproven "gurus" out there offering "get rich quick" and "instant push button" schemes. Where do you even begin?

My solution was extremely simple

Hunt down "real" and genuinely successful internet entrepreneurs and get hard to work interviewing them and finding out the secrets to how they became successful on the web. Sounds easy right? You should try it some time.

Finding them and their sites is just the first challenge and probably the easiest. Getting them to talk and spill the beans is really tough as they all play largely "under the radar" and just do what they know best - make large profits online.

Here's My Interview Selection Criteria

1. All entrepreneurs interviewed must be relatively unknown outside their chosen target niche markets - I want to learn from those largely "under the radar" and just doing what they do best!

2. They must make the vast majority of their income outside the internet marketing niche - for obvious reasons surely!!!

3. They must be able to clearly communicate their ideas so that you don't need to be a super-genius to be able to be able to follow in their footsteps - er....no more tedious, boring and complicated school lessons please!!!

4. Their ideas and strategies must be relevant to the current internet landscape - no ideas from 1995 that aren't relevant today!

5. Must be open to deep, investigative interrogation and follow-up - I was a real pain in the a***!!

Success Alert - Volume 2 is the second result of this exercise after Volume 1 was released a couple of years ago to great acclaim. Once again, Volume 2 is an amazing insider tell all set of interviews, straight from the trenches and full of proven strategies, tactics and advice almost impossible to find elsewhere.

These are individuals who don't look for the limelight, they prefer to just get on with cranking out HUGE RESULTS behind the scenes, day after day, year after year.

 Praise for Success Alert Products

Michael Green
"John, Damn. I'm so annoyed. Every time I've tried to put your book down, I've found myself sneaking at the next page and then the next. Bottom line... I just can't stop reading the thing.

In all honesty, I get asked to review a LOT of products and many are sleepers. Not yours though John.

Everyone should read your gem of a book. It's a 5 star eye-opening inspiration. "

Michael Green, Owner of the world's largest internet marketing forum at www.HowtoCorp.com

Huge amount of information, learning and inspiration

I absolutely believe there is such a huge amount of information, learning and inspiration in this Success Alert Volume 2 product that once you read it, I absolutely believe 100% that you'll have such massive momentum that nothing will stop you from moving forward and creating your own amazing internet success story.

Most started with just an idea, comparatively little money and a dream

Over the last few years I must have spoken to well over a 100 Highly Successful Internet Entrepreneurs and I consider myself privileged to have had the tremendous opportunity to speak with and learn from them. Most started with just an idea, comparatively little money and a dream of making their living from the fastest growing and most exciting media channel of the 21st Century - the Internet!

Each Making Between $60,000 and $80,000,000 in annual sales

In this Success Alert Volume 2 book I've published interviews with 9 more Successful Internet Entrepreneurs who are bringing in sales ranging from $60,000 to $80,000,000 each year. They are some of the most talented web entrepreneurs online today and it goes without saying that they provide some amazingly valuable lessons, insights and advice as to how you can follow in their footsteps!

Colin McDoughall

Awesome set of interviews John with a huge amount of detail and very inspiring. There are a huge number of valuable lessons to be learned here too, for both beginners and those more experienced.

How did you get these guys to spill so much? Amazing.

Colin McDoughall, Successful Affiliate Marketer and Author of www.ConstantConversation.com and the www.VEOReport.com

There is absolutely NO reason why you can't do what they do!

Want to know who I interviewed before you buy?

Here's a summary of the VOLUME 2 interviews and some of the valuable lessons and insights you'll receive:

Interview One - Mr. C - Over $200,000 per year!

Like many people, Mr. C became sick and tired of working the typical 9-5 grind. However, unlike most, he decided to do something about it and looked to the internet as a way of breaking free. He looked to blogging as one way of making a comfortable income to replace his salary and today, his unique and highly-rated blog brings in annualized revenues of over $200,000 - and still growing at a stunning rate. The blog niche is also highly saturated and Mr. C reveals just how he managed to tap into it successfully, and establish a loyal readership relatively quickly. Being a smart web entrepreneur and aware that diversification of income helps minimize risks, he also reveals several other internet business models that he uses successfully too!

He's definitely one very clever web entrepreneur you should be listening to. Here are some of the things you will learn:

Discover how Mr. C monetises his blog and why it's important to not be too dependent on any one income source - not to be missed!

See how he successfully outsources the content to writers on his blog and how he goes about managing them whilst only working 30 minutes a day on it himself - I'm not joking!

Learn why you need to be careful when choosing a domain name for your blog and why it can cost you a lot of money if you don't get it right - this alone could be worth a small fortune to you!

How he successfully uses affiliate links in his blog posts and how he has done this on autopilot-this is a very very clever technique he has developed!

See how he attracts a large number of inbound links and traffic from other websites and blogs using 2 clever strategies - absolutely critical if you are to become a successful blogger!

Discover his thoughts on other successful website models he uses apart from blogs - you don't want to miss this because most run largely on auto-pilot!


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Interview Two - Mr. C - Over $1,000,000 per year!

Mr. C first investigated affiliate marketing when he was looking to monetise a niche sports website he had built. He began to realize that affiliate marketing could be a solution to his problem and this led him to set up a unique shopping site where his members are given all the latest information on great shopping deals and can share in the affiliate commissions he earns as well. Today, Mr. C's profitable affiliate marketing website brings in over $1 million in annual sales and gives him a fantastic lifestyle. If you want to understand the fundamentals of running a successful affiliate marketing business then you should read his story today.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

Discover how he successfully uses affiliate marketing with a unique built-in loyalty component for his site visitors - definitely a 21st Century affiliate marketing necessity!

See how he creates a win-win between himself and his members by sharing in the affiliate commissions with them - great thinking and very very smart!

Learn which paid search engines convert best for him and why you should use them too - save yourself a ton of money here!

Discover a very simple strategy that is responsible for bringing him around 20% of his new members - so simple yet very very powerful!

Understand how providing great customer service can result in great SEO benefits to your web site - many people ignore this and pay the price!

See how he successfully uses email to bring in large increases in web site traffic and affiliate commissions and why you need to use this strategy in your affiliate marketing efforts too!


Interview Three - Mr. B - Over $400,000 per year!

Mr. B is a highly qualified conditioning and fitness expert but realized very quickly that running a business as a personal trainer wasn't making best use of his time and expertise. He decided to leverage both of them by using the enormous reach offered by the internet, and in doing so has helped many thousands of men and women across the world improve their physical conditioning - making over $400,000 in annual sales. He runs two very popular and profitable fitness-related websites, using both the retail sales and membership website models. If you're interested in developing and selling successful digital products using both the retail sales and the membership website models then he is definitely somebody you should be paying very close attention to.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

Discover how he has successfully promoted his websites using one simple fundamental strategy and how you can use it yourself in any niche market - a very powerful strategy indeed!

Uncover the secrets of how he went from selling a highly successful digital product online to developing a fast growing and successful membership website on the same topic - he is aiming to treble his annual sales using this and other product development strategies!

See how he has implemented a successful affiliate program that results in large numbers of sales for him and how he goes about supporting their efforts - see a truly powerful and successful affiliate program in action!

Learn how he successfully uses offline media to promote his websites and how you can too - it can be a lot easier than you think!

Find out how he uses one extremely HOT online media channel to bring in thousands of visitors to his web sites and promote his brand - you need to be doing this right now as it's so so hot!

Discover how he uses email in his marketing efforts and understand his philosophy on when and how often you send out your marketing emails each week - see why it's so critical to understand your target market!


Interview Four - Mr. D - around $1 million per year!

That first experience of making a profit by selling something on eBay started Mr. D on a highly impressive entrepreneurial journey that shows no sign of slowing down. Mr. D is reaping the rewards of his profitable eBay clothing business, with annual sales around $1 million, and growing fast. Selling clothing and apparel online has to be one of the toughest challenges on the web today. There have been many who have tried and most have failed, in some cases quite spectacularly. He pulls no punches about what it takes to succeed online and in doing so, provides some of the most valuable insights into the mind of an eBay entrepreneur I've yet seen.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

Discover how he uses a range of different auction strategies to maximise traffic and sales from his listings - you really need to know them if you're going to succeed on eBay!

Learn how he has implemented such a successful customer service system that his eBay feedback rating is 99.9% after thousands of orders - very useful insights given here!

Understand the two key promotional elements that have truly helped differentiate his eBay store from his competitors - you really need to follow in his footsteps here!

See how he increases his annual sales by 20% by successfully using a unique third party sales channel - I wasn't aware this opportunity even existed!

Discover how he successfully uses email to keep in touch with his customers and learn how he has implemented a highly successful loyalty club - again, such a critical strategy in the 21st Century.

Learn why he doesn't buy any paid search traffic for his eBay auctions - you really need to understand his reasoning here to save yourself a lot of money!


Interview Five - Mr. B - around $6,000,000 per year!

Mr. B started selling toys on the internet to make a few dollars when he was a student. He quickly figured out that he was onto something and set up a web site to start retailing a whole range of specialist toys in his chosen niche market - one with absolutely huge, growing worldwide demand I should say! He faced several challenges in the beginning and the banks all laughed at his idea. Last year Mr. B sold close to $6 million worth of his toys through his profitable web site and continues to grow his business at a highly impressive rate. What's more, he is living the ultimate dream because his chosen niche market is his hobby and absolute passion. It doesn't get any better than that! The banks are no longer laughing because he is one seriously successful internet entrepreneur!

Here are some of the things you will learn:

Discover Mr. B's number one internet marketing strategy that drives a huge proportion of his web sales - simply not to be missed!

See how he uses a unique ordering system to sell 20 times more products than a standard ordering system would allow - this one hit me slap bang in the face!

Learn how he successfully uses paid search marketing and why his conversions are worth a lot more than it might at first seem - something you need to factor into your calculations!

Look at how he has implemented such a successful customer service system that his reorder levels are above 90% - vital lessons to be learned here!

Discover how he has implemented a unique shopping cart system that saves customers a lot of money on shipping and increases his sales significantly at the same time - very very smart indeed!

See how he's planning to increase his sales massively ironically by helping some of his competitors - he's planning on using this strategy to grow his sales exponentially!


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"Hi John,

Willie Crawford
As the owner of several fairly large internet-based businesses and over 200 active web sites, I am always looking for insights from other successful web-based businesses. Your book, "Success Alert - Volume 2 is the "mother lode."

Every single interview I read of someone operating a thriving online business... some selling some fairly unusual items, and it gave me a ton of ideas. I made a lot of notes, and have already implemented some of the new tactics I learned.

Thanks for a tremendous book that stands WAY above any internet marketing book that I have EVER read.

Thanks John. "

Willie Crawford

Interview Six - Mr. S - Over $60,000 per year!

Mr. S had a successful career in banking and IT before getting to a point in his life where he felt he needed to make a major change. Not being afraid of a challenge he decided to make a bold move and went to live in New Zealand. After taking some classes in eCommerce he decided to turn to the internet as a way of making a living and decided to pursue his passion for opera. He has since built a successful membership site around this subject and earns himself more than $60,000 annually from it! If you are looking to build a successful membership website in any niche, then Mr. S's experience and advice are definitely required reading. Here are some of the things you will learn:

Learn how he sources his membership site content for free and how he successfully deploys it on his web site

Discover his most successful internet marketing strategy that can work with any membership website

See how he has successfully implemented a strategy that allows prospective subscribers to get a taste of what they'll get if they sign up

Discover why outsourcing your SEO can be a great idea and what safeguards to have in place.

Find out what critical SEO strategy you need to implement with a membership site if your pages are to be indexed by the search engines


Interview Seven - Mr. J - Over $1.5 Million per year!

Mr. J is a successful serial entrepreneur whose latest business venture has made a significant impact in the online publishing world. Starting only as recently as 2004, his profitable blog media network now publishes a huge number of blogs on a wide variety of subjects and in four different languages across the world - with annual revenues of more than $1.5 million! He is also well on his way to establishing the largest blog network in mainland China, a significant challenge in itself, and not exactly a road littered with easy options for web entrepreneurs. If you are looking to blogging as a way of making a living or establishing a new marketing channel for your existing business then Mr. J is definitely one entrepreneur worth listening to very closely indeed.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

See how he goes about researching new ideas for blogs and the one key factor that needs to be in place - understand these critical factors to your own blogging success!

Discover one critical secret to marketing blogs and how to go about doing it yourself - very effective and very powerful!

Learn how to successfully monetise your blogs whatever the niche market - not to be missed this one!

Discover the one key addition to your blog that can result in you getting thousands more visitors - this is such a hot topic right now!

See how he successfully uses email in the marketing mix to drive more traffic to his blogs - ignore this at your peril!

How to outsource your blog content and what key qualities to look for in bloggers - get this wrong and you'll fail for sure!


Interview Eight - Mr. D - $80,000,000 per year!

Mr. D was passionate about owning his own business but went about making it happen in a rather unique way. Having decided to study for an MBA, he decided to focus his study time on coming up with a solid internet business idea and plan. Instead of aiming for a lucrative job upon graduation, Mr. D decided he would take one of the toughest and most challenging of roads and start an internet business in one of the most competitive markets - Travel! He has since proved himself to be a highly skilled and much admired internet entrepreneur. Today he heads a profitable business doing over $80 million in sales annually, and still growing at a pace that would be envied by many.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

Discover Mr. D's smart business model that is delivering fantastic sales growth and profits from his existing customers - something that can be applied in numerous niche markets!

Find out how he brings in huge levels of repeat business - truly amazing given the huge competition in this niche travel market!

Learn how he makes use of email newsletters and how he makes significant income from them - something you simply cannot ignore today!

See how he makes smart use of offline advertising to drive sales and build his online brand - yes, it can and does work in some niche markets!

Learn about the single biggest mistake you can make with an internet business and how you can avoid it - don't make the same mistake that resulted in many of the biggest Dotcom failures!

Discover how he successfully beats most of his competition in this highly competitive niche - some of his answers may surprise you!



Praise for Success Alert Products


Phil Wiley
It's rare these days for me to get excited about a book. Well perhaps excited is the wrong word. I found Success Alert really: Interesting. Useful. Stimulating. Thought provoking. Inspiring...

Get it, or regret missing out on reading this year's hit

In fact, after reading a few pages, and realizing the quality, I dropped the plans I had for the afternoon. I printed it out, drove into town, had it spiral bound and spent the afternoon reading it in my favorite coffee shop. And I made so many notes in the margins, and underlined so many paragraphs, that it now looks like I've owned the book for a year rather than getting it earlier today (it's Thursday evening here in Australia).

Note: I didn't get a free copy just so I'd promote it. I paid for it and - as you can tell - I'm glad I didn't pass it by, as I do with so many books.

So don't let it pass you by either. Get it, or regret missing out on reading this year's hit."

Phil Wiley,



BONUS INTERVIEW AND 9TH CHAPTER - Mr. V - Over $25 million per year!

Mr. V has been a successful entrepreneur all his life but probably his finest achievement has been building his profitable web site into the Number One site of its kind in the world - with sales of over $25 million! His site has so many amazing features it really is difficult to know where to start. He has successfully implemented a variety of revenue streams including retail sales, classified advertising, eCommerce hosting and a lot more. He's also established the largest forum community on the web in his own niche market with over 1.4 million posts and growing by the minute. This is really a tremendous success story with lessons and advice that merit close attention from anyone looking to build a successful internet business with multiple income streams.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

Discover how Mr. V has successfully implemented over 6 growing revenue streams on his world leading web site - something every web entrepreneur needs to be doing if they are to survive for the long term!

Find out what his thoughts are on the most crucial element to online success - how to get traffic to your web site from a variety of sources - you simply have to take his advice here!

See how he managed to bring an entire industry on board with his web site idea and how he has benefited enormously as a result - a truly amazing achievement and one that can be applied to many other niche markets!

Find out how he has grown his online forum to be the largest of its kind in the world with over 1.4 million posts - see the huge sales benefits he reaps from this initiative alone!

Learn an amazingly effective strategy to tap into every sub-niche within your own chosen market - something everybody should be doing in their chosen niche market!

Discover the suite of software tools that Mr. V uses to tell him everything he needs to know about the operation of his successful web site - top tools worth their weight in gold to him!


You will not find "get rich quick promises" in this book... you will learn proven internet strategies from "genuine", "real-life" internet entrepreneurs.

Don't let the rock bottom price fool you - it took me months to find these entrepreneurs, convince them to allow me to interview them, and put it all together in this simple format that is accessible to all - I simply chose this low low price to allow people of all ages, even on a shoestring budget, to have easy access to some amazingly powerful information from some hugely talented internet entrepreneurs........

BUT, I cannot hold this low low price for long!

If you are someone who is willing to roll up your sleeves, TAKE SOME ACTION and get on with it, and you have a burning desire to succeed with your own online business, then this product can save you months or years of struggling frustration and set you straight on the road towards your own powerful success story in as little time as is humanly possible.

A WARNING THOUGH: This book is not for people who hope to make a fortune without actually doing something. You will NOT find magic fairy tale promises of instant wealth that do it for you... just real businesses, making real money, with very creative and effective strategies.
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Success Alert - Conversations with Successful Internet Entrepreneurs - VOLUME 2

30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

You don't risk a penny. I'll take your risk here as I KNOW this exclusive information will be more than worth it to you... READ IT, and see for yourself, if it doesn't help you - just write to me, and I will refund your money.


The difference between online success and failure is a very fine line - step over that line by following those that have done it, and are succeeding everyday.

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To your success!


P.S. My sincere goal is to HELP YOU to succeed, and I honestly can't think of a better way to do this other than giving you FULLY DISCLOSED, PROVEN techniques that are being used NOW to make HUGE profits every single day of the year on the internet. If after you order, you honestly feel that within this book there are no tips or techniques worth $27 to you, and you think that ALL of the very successful individuals that gave me RAVING testimonials are either crazy or lying - just ask for a refund. This is a risk that I am more than willing to take for you - if these interviews don't help you to succeed - I don't want your money!

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